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The TAG Project Founders

The principle of giving to others has always been ingrained in Lindsay from a very young age because she grew up watching her parents selflessly give back to others in various ways. The specific idea for the TAGProject was birthed after Lindsay received a random note and gift cards in the mail from complete strangers as part of a giving project from a local church. Receiving this unexpected gift gave her joy and she wanted others to feel that too. Lindsay was also inspired to start this project after she found out about a family that lost their sweet little boy, Miles, to the cruelty of childhood cancer. To honor their son’s 4th birthday, they raised money and left Disney gift cards all around the Disney Park for strangers to find. Even in the midst of their pain, they found a way to spread joy and kindness. Find out more about their story at Fight Like Miles on Facebook or Instagram.

Lindsay and her wife Lindsay (yep….same name!) desire to spread kindness, happiness and a heart for giving to others. They want to see people do good for others without judgement. They want to see dividing walls fall down when people give to others without regard to their race, gender, sexuality, religion, socioeconomic status, political beliefs, etc. The fact that the gifts are left randomly for strangers means the person has no idea what “type” of person they are leaving the gift for….it’s just meant to bless a fellow human being! They want to raise their son to know a world that is kind and good.

The reason we have put this on social media is because we want this TAGproject to spread far and wide so we can bless as many people as possible. The idea is to keep this thing going and continue this movement of giving. We want the tagged pictures and the stories that are shared to inspire others to keep giving. If you stumbled upon this project but you haven’t been #tagged, that’s ok… can start the tagging! Leave a gift card  or cash for a stranger and remember to write on the envelope “For more info visit the TAGproject on social media” It’s that simple! ☺ Just #TAGit!

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