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I believe that people are inherently good.  i want you to prove it to me!

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Please send in your stories!  Tell me how you paid it forward or how someone paid it forward to you.  Don't forget to send photos to showcase how you used your imagination when making your Tag or a Tag you received!

The Tag Project was created with the hope that one person CAN change the world with simple random acts of kindness.  It is my hope that this project will inspire others to pay it forward with their own acts of kindness.  If you have found a special gift with one of these Tags, it is your job to spread the joy with your own Tag.  All you have to do is create a Tag of any sort of your very own and attach it to your random act of kindness along with the message to pay it forward and instructions to visit this site.  Then, click below and share YOUR story! I can't wait to see the kindness the world sends out! xoxo (When Tags start popping up, I will start rotating the images above so please remember to take photos and send them in!)  Don't forget to include the website address on your Tag!